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News ranks Shakespeare in Bits as “Best interactive iPad books of 2011 for kids of all ages”

Best interactive iPad books of 2011 for kids of all ages

By Lisa Caplan

Shakespeare in Bits – Romeo and Juliet ($14.99)

altIs there a section more feared in middle or high school than the one where an English teacher breaks out this year’s Shakespeare play? Even kids who love to read struggle with all the 16th century cultural, historical and mythological references, on top of ingenious word play and layered plots. I picked Romeo and Juliet for this list for no reason other than the play’s popularity. Mindconnex’s catalog (it now boasts this, “Macbeth” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with “Hamlet” and “Julius Caesar” coming soon) all use the same UI. In other words as apps, they are largely interchangeable, only the play changes. What makes the series superlative is that alongside the expected easy-access definitions, study-aids, charts and assorted digital goodies, is an animated full-length production broken into manageable parts. There are few apps that capture the spirit of accessibility than Shakespeare in Bits.

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