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To be, or not to be” is the online question answered by a cool by Shakespeare in Bits, which is keeping the Bard of Avon’s words lively as well as digital. I was first introduced to MindConnex Learning’s online Shakespeare downloads with Macbeth. I thought it a brilliant idea. “If Birnam woods is coming to Dunsinane, I thought, then why not read it, hear it, and see it animated on a PC or Mac—or iPad. Well, now Hamlet has been added to the download list, that includes Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The free lite versions off a great trial run to see if it’s something for your teaching—and your students.

I know this is a “bit” late, but I got the biggest kick out of reading Shakespeare, ages ago, as a high school student. As a teenager I wouldn’t have admitted it, but I understood the story lines, and the couplets probably made me a better reader. I enjoyed the musical flow of the words, especially the raunchy snappy parts, and made comparisons to the world around me. Today, I know there is a reason why William Shakespeare gets quoted more often than Goucho Marx. While Groucho’s jokes might be dated, Shakespeare still seems timely. And if your students like the graphic novel approach, Shakespeare in Bits will be a certain hit.

I asked teacher Kelly Stroud, from the Sweeny Independent School District, TX to share how she’s using Shakespeare in Bits with her students and teaching:

“The first day we started Macbeth, I tried different ways of teaching it each period. The most effective way was when I played the scenes from Shakespeare in Bits and paused after the scenes to discuss the side notes and ask the questions provided. My students read from the screen and watched the animation.  The use of audio and visual techniques kept them engaged. It’s just a really cool way of teaching Shakespeare—something most students are not excited about learning!

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