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iPads promote education

iPads promote education

February 29, 2012 • Kristina Busch  

Education seems to move in the direction of learning with technology. Most teachers now use Moodle to upload assignments and notes of the day’s lessons. Currently, according to the Classrooms of the Future instructor Jenn Nelson, teachers are starting to use the Explain Everything app that creates videos and podcasts. Podcasts of lessons could potentially aid students who were absent or students who did not understand the lesson and need a review.

In addition to Moodle and Explain Everything, many teachers are having lessons where students use iPads. The iPads have apps that help make the lesson easier and more entertaining.

To sophomore Emilyn Ryski, the best app is Shakespeare in Bits. For Mary Strampe’s enriched English classes, students used the Shakespeare in Bits app to explore Romeo and Juliet more closely. “What’s cool about it is as you’re reading, students can click on words, characters and summaries,” Strampe said. The scenes, characters and lines of the play are explained and students can enjoy Shakespeare’s work with deeper understanding.

With the iPads, students can use an app that can turn articles and web pages into an iBook. This app can be useful for students who want to keep copies of work to reread later. “I think the iPads are useful because they give us a different way to learn,” Ryski said.

These devices are also helpful and user-friendly.” Pads have 12-hour battery life, access to the Internet and apps,” Nelson said. “They’re convenient and easier to use.”

Additionally, iPads save EPHS money. “iPads are $500 rather than $1000,” Nelson said. “They do what a laptop does at a third of the cost.” The devices also can endure more than a laptop and break down less often. “They last longer and the [keyboard] keys don’t pop off.”

Even with its positive qualities, some students find the iPads to be an unnecessary addition to the school.

The different games and apps iPads provide can be distracting. “You do have to police them,” Strampe said. “Students have told me they have a hard time doing what they are supposed to do.”

While some negative aspects surround using iPads in an educational environment, the apps and durability show how they can positively affect schools.

The possibilities are endless. Whether it is creating machines, discussing literature or making podcasts, iPads and their educational apps can actually make learning for students a pleasure.

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