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Shakespeare in Bits: Romeo & Juliet iPad Edition Gets 5 Star Review from Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media says Shakespeare in Bits: Romeo & Juliet iPad Edition "is an invaluable study guide brimming with supplemental material."

"An excellent supplement to Romeo & Juliet that makes it completely accessible to modern audiences, with plenty of extra material. Readers are encouraged to interpret the play in their own way thanks to open-ended questions that prompt them to think about what the characters are thinking at a given moment, or why they reacted the way they did."

"Is it any good?

Shakespeare In Bits: Romeo & Juliet iPad Edition is an invaluable study guide for students or anyone looking to immerse themselves in one of Shakespeare's most famous works. As if the annotated version of the play wasn't enough, you can follow along with cartoon videos and hear every line read by professional actors (Kate Beckinsale and Micheal Sheen), which enriches the experience considerably. And unlike some Cliff's Notes-type books, you don't get the impression that the only purpose of this app is to help students write essays. It was truly designed to help people get the most out of a classic piece of literature. It is a marvel."

Common Sense Media

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