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MindConnex Learning - Shakespeare made easy

MindConnex management team (L-R): Fergus Connolly, COO; Michael Cordner, CEO; Paul Kerley, non-executive director (former CEO of Norkom Technologies); Fiona McLoughlin, Director of Marketing; Jer McAuliffe, Creative Director.
MindConnex management team (L-R): Fergus Connolly, COO; Michael Cordner, CEO; Paul Kerley, non-executive director (former CEO of Norkom Technologies); Fiona McLoughlin, Director of Marketing; Jer McAuliffe, Creative Director.

With the continued trend towards digital education, Irish start-up, MindConnex Learning, is ideally poised to break new ground with its digital learning solutions aimed at the global secondary/high school education sector.

The company’s award-winning flagship product, Shakespeare In Bits, brings the Bard to life in the classroom through a multimedia approach that fuses animation, high quality audio and full, unabridged text for each play. Modern day translations of key words and phrases are accessible at a click of a button, and in-depth notes and analyses are also available. Each character is provided with a biography, while an illustrated map shows all characters and their inter-relationships in the play.

 According to CEO, Michael Cordner, “Up to 65 million students across the world study Shakespeare every year and, while there is a lot of beauty, humour and relevance in all of Shakespeare’s works, the language barrier can be insurmountable for some of these students. Shakespeare’s plays were never intended to be merely read – they were written to be performed. What we’re trying to do is to make this 400-year old literature more engaging, more easily understood and far more accessible using today’s technologies”.

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Shakespeare In Bits: Romeo & Juliet named as top Valentine's app

12 Feb 2012 | Apps | Ali Gorelova on Google+

Dear couples from all over the world! Are you ready for the February 14th this year? If not, iPads House is here to share more ideas on what you can do on this amazing day.

You can start from discovering new Best Valentine’s Day iPad Apps (Part 2) and Best Valentine’s Day iPad Apps (Part 1), and Free Romantic iPad Apps for Valentine’s Day. If you have most of those applications and games on your gadgets, we will offer you another list of great programs for your iPad.

These applications aren’t free. But maybe you’ll enjoy getting some of them from iTunes anyway.

1. Shakespeare in Bits: Romeo & Juliet iPad Edition is worth $14.99. It’s a great app for those who are in love with the timeless story of love created by Shakespeare. It’s the tragedy and revenge of Romeo & Juliet.

This education app for iPad features the voices of Michael Sheen and Kate Beckinsale. You’ll get 3 hours of text and high-resolution animation while you read, listen or view Shakespeare in Bits. It’s a chance to experience the world’s masterpiece in all its glory.

Shakespeare’s language is very rich. You can understand it as you’ll get acquainted with the original play text which was broken into bits for easy digesting. Besides, you’ll see in-line translation which makes hard words and phrases so easy to understand.

This romantic iPad app for Valentine’s Day allows you highlighting words and lines, simplifies navigation options, and lets you jump to scenes of your choice.

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Shakespeare's Hamlet Receives A 21st Century Makeover

BY Felix Xiao on Sun February 12th, 2012

Shakespeare In Bits: Hamlet iPhone Edition ($7.99) by Mindconnex Learning Ltd. is a voice and video guided version of the renowned tragedy for your iPhone and iPod touch.

Approximately 400 years after the first performance of Hamlet, Shakespeare’s famous play is still widely studied and read. Shakespeare In Bits: Hamlet provides you with access to animated videos of every scene with analysis in a single offline app.

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Shakespeare In Bits: Teaching the Bard - review by

To be, or not to be” is the online question answered by a cool by Shakespeare in Bits, which is keeping the Bard of Avon’s words lively as well as digital. I was first introduced to MindConnex Learning’s online Shakespeare downloads with Macbeth. I thought it a brilliant idea. “If Birnam woods is coming to Dunsinane, I thought, then why not read it, hear it, and see it animated on a PC or Mac—or iPad. Well, now Hamlet has been added to the download list, that includes Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The free lite versions off a great trial run to see if it’s something for your teaching—and your students.

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Irish start-up takes Shakespeare to the digital age

“Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't” – Targeted at students and educators, Hamlet is the latest educational app created by Irish start-up MindConnex Learning. The aim is to make studying William Shakespeare plays such as ‘Hamlet’ more interactive and fun via such apps, which also feature innovations such as animated and voiced performances and character relationship maps.

altDublin-based MindConnex Learning has launched the Hamlet app as the fourth title in its 'Shakespeare in Bits' series. It already launched educational apps for Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in 2011 and for Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet in 2010.

The apps are available online via a school subscription on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC and Mac.  

Speaking today, Michael Cordner, CEO of MindConnex Learning, said the Hamlet app aims to enable students to read and understand the text from the English poet and playwright in bite-sized 'mini-lessons' or bits. Each of the apps include the original unabridged texts of the Shakespearean plays, plus they also feature fully animated and voiced performances.

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