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Leaving Cert Students Studying Macbeth in the 21st Century with Shakespeare In Bits

Dublin, Ireland – Leaving cert students today are digital natives yet a majority of their core texts are still print based. This is despite the fact that digital solutions offer teachers richer ways in which to engage more of their students, particularly when it comes to a topic like Shakespeare. Unfortunately, such solutions have been slow to gain traction in Ireland to date.

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One school is bucking this trend; with leaving cert students this year studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Pádraig O'Shea in Rossa College Skibereen, Co. Cork will be approaching The Bard in a very different way. Using MindConnex Learning’s Shakespeare In Bits Live! Ms Corry will be giving her students 24/7 access to Macbeth and will be able to assign her students reading safe in the knowledge that they will have all the tools available to them for both comprehension and close reading. According to Pádraig “Shakespeare In Bits has been a revelation. It has made Shakespeare far more accessible for my students”

“Our aim is to make Shakespeare a little more accessible to a generation of students who are comfortable learning in a digital medium. Shakespeare In Bits allows students to engage with a great work of literature and understand the nuances and interactions that many struggle to decipher from flat text on a page. Quite simply, we’re using contemporary technology to bring Shakespeare’s greatest plays to life in the classroom," explains Michael Cordner, CEO of MindConnex Learning.

Shakespeare In Bits is a multimedia approach to teaching Shakespeare that fuses animation of the play with full audio soundtrack, original unabridged play text, integrated notes and analyses, as well as an inline translation system that provides modern-day translations for selected words, in their original context. In addition, Shakespeare In Bits offers a full cast feature including an illustrated map of all interrelationships in the play and a biography for each cast member. Shakespeare In Bits Live! is the online subscription service of MindConnex’s award winning product.

MindConnex Learning is reducing the price of its Macbeth app in Apple's App Store from €11.99 to €7.99 as well as dropping the price of the PC/Mac downloads to €7.49 using the coupon code mentor2012 until October 31st 2012 giving schools and parents the opportunity to purchase this invaluable resource at a generous discount.


“...the number of ways in which the diverse information provided by the software can be put together to experience a particular play is virtually infinite, making Shakespeare In Bits into an incredibly rich pedagogical tool with endless array of uses both in and outside of the classroom.”

-          Dr Ema Vyroubalova, Trinity College Dublin

“[T]he strongest aspects of this product, the elements that distinguish it from other Shakespeare guides is … the concept of "bits," which encourages readers to digest one portion of Shakespeare at a time. Consequently, this approach to the text also encourages better close-reading skills.”

-          Associate Professor Michelle Ephraim, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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