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MindConnex Learning’s Popular Shakespeare In Bits App Now Available for Android

19 November 2012, Dublin, Ireland – Today MindConnex Learning is launching all Shakespeare In Bits plays on Android. Available through the Samsung App Store, Shakespeare In Bits can now be experienced on all major devices.

Following the success of Shakespeare In Bits on a variety of different platforms, The Bard is now coming to the one of the most widely deployed operating systems in the mobile market.

Commenting on the launch of Shakespeare In Bits on Android, Michael Cordner, CEO of MindConnex Learning, said, “Having enjoyed the success of Shakespeare In Bits on iPad and iPhone, as well as PC, Mac and online for schools, launching the series on Android is a natural progression for MindConnex Learning. As one of the most prevalent operating systems in the market, we believe that it will enable us to reach more students and teachers with our renditions of The Bard’s works. Android is a logical new home for Shakespeare In Bits”.

Shakespeare In Bits can now be accessed in a variety of different formats – in the cloud with Shakespeare In Bits Live!, on iOS, Mac or PC and now on Android via, making it a truly cross-platform app.

Shakespeare In Bits is a multimedia approach to tackling the works of Shakespeare aimed at middle and high school teachers and students, providing a more engaging and interactive experience. MindConnex Learning now counts five plays in its Shakespeare In Bits series – Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Julius Caesar, with a sixth title, Othello, in development.

Samsung is a growing competitor in the tablet market; as of 2012 Q2 sales rose 117.6% year-on-year to 2.4 million units. It is the second largest supplier of tablet devices and its market share is continuing to develop.

“...the number of ways in which the diverse information provided by the software can be put together to experience a particular play is virtually infinite, making Shakespeare In Bits into an incredibly rich pedagogical tool with endless array of uses both in and outside of the classroom.”

-          Dr Ema Vyroubalova, Trinity College Dublin

“[T]he strongest aspects of this product, the elements that distinguish it from other Shakespeare guides is … the concept of "bits," which encourages readers to digest one portion of Shakespeare at a time. Consequently, this approach to the text also encourages better close-reading skills.”

-          Associate Professor Michelle Ephraim, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Zoe Faulder, Director of Marketing, MindConnex Learning

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