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The Word Monsters on Kindertown

It's been a great week for MindConnex Learning and our brand new series The Word Monsters!

Last Tuesday we launched in the App Store and the next day The Word Monsters was available on Google Play. Before the press release was even out we were already getting fantastic reviews and on Thursday we were featured in the US App Store and saw our ranking skyrocket.

All in all a good start. 

So exactly one week after the official release we are thrilled to have been taken on by KinderTown.

An educational app store for parents KinderTown is a fantastic tool that curates the education category of iTunes. 

Kinderown Logo"We work hard to find the best educational apps for children. Each app we select for KinderTown has been tested and reviewed by educators, parents, and most importantly, children. Not all, or even most of the apps meet our high standards. We take many factors into account including educational value, ease of use, engagement value, design features, artwork, cost, and shelf life."

We're pleased, though not surprised, that The Word Monsters meets KinderTown's standards and we're looking forward to developing similar relationships in the coming weeks. 

Week one was certainly action packed - can't wait to see what's in store for week two!

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