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Shakespeare In Bits is the ideal resource for any educator attempting to teach the most popular works of Shakespeare to students.

Are you teaching Shakespeare to your students this year? Find out why including Shakespeare In Bits in your lesson plans is the best way to bring the Bard to life in your English class.

Our aims are simple – to create teaching resources that make the Bard’s plays as accessible and engaging as possible, and to help students of diverse learning styles and abilities to discover and truly appreciate the linguistic richness of the most celebrated playwright in history. All of our titles are academically rigorous, featuring complete unabridged standard play text, professional audio featuring renowned Shakespearean actors and comprehensive notes and analyses.

Learn more about Shakespeare In Bits: Romeo & Juliet
Learn more about Shakespeare In Bits: Macbeth
Learn more about Shakespeare In Bits: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Learn more about Shakespeare In Bits: Hamlet
Learn more about Shakespeare In Bits: Julius Caesar

Quite literally, the Bard hasn't been this easy to enjoy in over 400 years! 


An Ideal Resource for Educators

Shakespeare In Bits can be used in many learning settings:

Shakespeare In Bits Live!

A convenient, hassle-free way to get online access to our plays
without any downloads, installations or IT involvement. All you need
is an Internet connection, a standard browser and audio speakers,
to provide our engaging multimedia renditions of the Bard’s most
celebrated plays to your students.

Shakespeare In Bits Live! can be used by educators in-class as part of
an organized lesson and by students - working individually or in
groups – either in-class or on lab computers. In addition, students
can log on at home to access the plays using the same account –
ensuring anytime access to the materials being taught.

Shakespeare In Bits for iPad or 
iPhone/iPod Touch

Nowadays many students are equipped with a mobile device such as an
iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch. These provide an ideal way for students and
educators to access Shakespeare In Bits in complementary ways that suit
their needs. For example, an educator may prefer to sign up for an in-class
presentation option while students sign up for the corresponding version
of Shakespeare In Bits for iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch. In this way, students
can access Shakespeare’s plays at any time, in any location for self-guided
study, while also having the ability to follow a structured, organized
tutorial on the materials in class. Discounts are available from the App
Store for volume orders.

Shakespeare In Bits for PC/Mac

For a quick and easy way of presenting the play to a group of students without the hassle of fiddling around with sub-titled DVDs featuring incomplete texts, Shakespeare In Bits for PC/Mac may suit your needs better. You can install a Shakespeare In Bits play on a laptop/desktop, hook the computer up to the projector and work through the play or sections of it, at your own pace.

Our Shakespeare In Bits for PC/Mac can also provide your students with personal access to the chosen plays, enabling them to follow the Bard’s works on their own PC/Mac devices in their own time, in tandem with in-class presentation.

Shakespeare In Bits – part of the educational digital transformation program

With many schools embarking on a Digital Conversion program, Shakespeare In Bits provides an ideal way to incorporate engaging digital experiences into your literature program and improve understanding of Shakespeare through increased student engagement with, and accessibility to, the Bard’s works.

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