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At MindConnex Learning, we are committed to developing our digital learning solutions in line with the needs and wants of our clients.

Our aim is to make learning as easy as possible through a little rethinking of how it can be delivered through technology.

With tens of thousands of downloads, our Shakespeare In Bits plays are used for teaching and studying in over 21 countries across North America, South America, Europe, Australasia and Africa. This growing community of customers helps us to be the best that we can be – through product reviews, ideas for new product features and suggestions about how we can better serve you. And for that, we thank you.


Educational Innovation

Our innovative range of digital learning solutions appeals to a wide spectrum of end-users –

Educational Innovation

Parents eager to help their children achieve the best grade they can.

Students looking for an easier way to make the grade with one of the most challenging playwrights on the curriculum.

Educators seeking a better way of helping their students learn, understand and appreciate the great works of the Bard.

School IT Representatives and School District Superintendents looking for technology solutions that make a difference and align with the new national schools Digital Conversion strategy.

Shakespeare Aficionados who appreciate the creative blend of superb animation, professional audio recordings and complete unabridged text that all Shakespeare In Bits’ titles deliver each and every time.

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Enjoy Shakespeare

Enjoy Shakespeare -
Anytime Anywhere

Our Shakespeare In Bits series can be used in a variety of different ways in a variety of different settings – in-class, at-home or even on-the-go with a laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod – enabling you to enjoy Shakespeare’s most popular plays anytime anywhere!
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Customer Quotes

Here’s what our customers think of MindConnex Learning and our Shakespeare In Bits series -

Great Resource for Teaching

...this has proven to be a wonderful accompaniment to teaching the play, especially if hooked up to a projector. Quick, no nonsense, and mostly thorough.

By Matthew Stern

It's a Breeze

I always tried to cultivate myself by reading Shakespeare, but could never fully comprehend it to actually enjoy it. This app makes it very easy, and may I add enjoyable. It's brilliant.

By Brian Cuoto

Terrific App to Explore Shakespeare's Work

This is absolutely marvelous, a great way to read Macbeth. The play comes alive (literally) and every resource you need to help you fully understand the text, and the historical context, is at your fingertips. I can't recommend this app enough. If you have even a passing interest in Shakespeare, this is a must-have app for your collection.

I showed it to a couple of English teachers and a librarian, and they were totally blown away by this. If you're a student and you have to read this play, this is an indispensable resource.

By Guy Dayen

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