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Shakespeare In Bits Lite

Shakespeare In Bits Lite

What is a Lite version of Shakespeare In Bits plays?
Each of our Shakespeare In Bits plays has a Lite or trial version which contains a few scenes from the play of your choice, and delivers all the rich functionality you can expect from the full play. Shakespeare In Bits Lite can be freely downloaded, with no purchase necessary.

These Lite versions provide you with the opportunity to interact with and see how Shakespeare In Bits actually works and how beneficial it can be to your learning and teaching of the Bard’s works. If you like it, purchase it.

How do I download a Lite version of Shakespeare In Bits plays?

- For PC/Mac
You can download a Shakespeare In Bits Lite play for PC or Mac directly from this website. Simply go to the webpage of the specific play that you would like to trial and click on Try Now. After installation of the downloaded file, this 'lite' version of the play will run in trial mode until you're ready to upgrade to the full version by purchasing a license. If you decide to purchase, you will be sent an email with a registration key that will upgrade your product to the full version.

- For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
To download Shakespeare In Bits for the iPhone, iPad and Mac App Store Lite versions, simply go to iTunes or the Mac App Store. For easy access, select the webpage of the play of your choice on this website, click on Try Now at the top of the page and this will bring you to a section with all the relevant links to iTunes or the Mac App Store.


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