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Purchasing Shakespeare In Bits for PC/Mac

Purchasing Shakespeare In Bits for PC/Mac

Important Note

To experience a free trial or purchase a full version of any Shakespeare In Bits title, you will need to install the free trial package from the relevant product title page. Once you have downloaded and successfully installed the free trial package, you can then choose whether or not to convert it to the full working version. If you do decide to convert to the full working version, you will need to purchase a registration key from the relevant product title page which you can then use to unlock the free trial package that you have already installed on your computer.

How do I upgrade from a Shakespeare In Bits Lite version and purchase a full version of the play?
You can upgrade your Shakespeare In Bits Lite play to a full version for PC/Mac directly from this website by purchasing a license. Select the webpage of the play that you would like to purchase and click on Buy Now.

What payment options are available?
Purchases can be made online in US Dollars, UK Sterling or Euro via Visa, Mastercard, or Irish Laser (if paying in Euro only). Alternatively, you can pay offline via check.

Is my financial information secure?
The payment detail pages employ 128 bit SSL technology to ensure your details are safe from hackers. Shakespeare In Bits does not store your card information, and all private details are treated in accordance with our privacy policy.

What happens after I enter my purchase details?
Once the payment has been cleared, you will receive an email with your registration key information and purchase receipt. If you pay via credit or debit card, this email will be sent instantly. In the case of 'offline' payment options such as via check, we will send your email once payment has been verified.

I've paid online but I haven't received my registration email. What should I do?
Please check your 'Spam' folders to ensure your email hasn't accidentally been marked as spam. If you still can't find your email, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

How do I unlock the full version once I've received my licence key?
Run the product and follow the on-screen instructions to enter your licence key and activate the product. You will need to be connected to the internet in order for this process to work.

How are licenses tied to user accounts?
One license gives you the right to run the product under a single user account on a single machine. The registration information for the product is stored within an individual operating system user account settings.

What license do I need to use this in my classroom?
Licensing is per user account on a single machine, so if you're using the product on a single machine to display via a whiteboard/overhead projector, then you only need one license. However, if you want to install the product on multiple machines, (e.g. for general student use,) then you will need one license for each user account/machine on which you want to install the product.

What if I want to run the product in a lab setting, where students may be logging into different machines at different times?
Shakespeare In Bits also comes in lab and network editions that will better suit the needs of a student lab environment. For further information on these editions, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or fill out our Contact Form.


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