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With educational excellence as their foremost guiding principle, the MindConnex Learning senior management team is comprised of professionals whose mission is to manage and grow our company to make MindConnex Learning a leading provider of digital learning solutions to the global education community.

Our management team is:

Michael Cordner, Chief Executive Officer

Fergus Connolly, Head of Product

Zoe Faulder, Sales & Marketing Director


Michael CordnerMichael Cordner

CEO and Co-Founder

In 2008, Michael and co-founder Fergus Connolly joined forces to explore some nascent ideas for utilizing contemporary technologies in more innovative ways to promote learning. After a frustrating experience browsing online for translations of archaic Shakespearean words and phrases, Michael realized that what seemed to be an ideal use of modern technology - i.e. the marriage of audio, video and interactive texts to make complex literature such as Shakespeare more accessible - quite simply did not exist. Therefore, the concept for the company’s flagship product, Shakespeare In Bits, was born.

As CTO, Michael is responsible for the end-to-end production and development of MindConnex's award winning products. With over 15 years’ industry experience, Michael has worked extensively for a number of leading technology companies including Norkom Technologies, Riverdeep Interactive Learning (now part of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) and NCR, as well as co-founding a company to explore opportunities in the casual games market. A passion for educational technology excellence has led Michael to believe that the need for quality digital content in this marketspace remains largely unfulfilled. Michael holds a degree in English, Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


Fergus ConnollyFergus Connolly Ph.D.

Head of Product and Co-Founder

As Head of Product, Fergus is responsible for overseeing all product-related activities of the company. Having invested the last 15 years of his professional life in developing leading solutions for the digital education sector, Fergus has cultivated a deep knowledge of the global digital learning marketspace. Along with co-founder Michael Cordner, Fergus was responsible for the design and development of the Shakespeare In Bits (link) product series from conception through to release of the first commercial offering.

Prior to establishing MindConnex Learning in 2008, Fergus was co-founder and director of Think We Do Learning Solutions Ltd, a consultancy and services company that specialized in the design and development of educational digital media with particular emphasis on K-12 courseware. Before this, he spent nine years with Riverdeep Interactive Learning (now part of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) where he held a variety of instructional and product design roles, including leadership roles in the design and development of the Riverdeep Destination series. Fergus holds a Ph.D and a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from University College Dublin, Ireland.


Zoe FaulderZoe Faulder

Director of Sales & Marketing

As the Director of Sales & Marketing, Zoe is responsible for sales and marketing strategy development and implementation in MindConnex Learning, this includes: building global sales growth, developing clear messages about Mindconnex products and services, customer relationship management and ensuring efficient digital marketing.

Having served on the board of Publishing Ireland and worked as the Head of Sales and Marketing at Blackhall Publishing Zoe’s background in both print and digital publishing puts her in the key position of understanding the intricacies of the current digital transitions taking place in traditionally print markets such as education. While working in the print publishing industry Zoe has been an advocate of digital development and has developed digital strategy outlines that have been distributed to publishers throughout Ireland.

Zoe has a BA Honours Degree in Philosophy from University College Dublin and an MSc in Interactive Digital Media from Trinity College, Dublin.


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