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USA Today Writes How Shakespeare In Bits: Macbeth Shines on iPad

Marc Saltzman from USA Today rates Shakespeare In Bits: Macbeth (iPad Edition) 4 out of 4.

"First there was CliffsNotes. Then came the Internet. Now those struggling to read and comprehend William Shakespeare's works can turn to apps for a little help.

Shakespeare In Bits ( applications are highly recommended for students with iPads.

Coming on the heels of its heralded Romeo and Juliet app is another one of Shakespeare's most beloved plays: Macbeth.

Shakespeare In Bits: Macbeth iPad Edition delivers the original play, divided into digestible 'bits,' along with translation, analysis, summaries and notes. Yet what really makes this app shine is a fully animated version of the tragedy that runs beside the text.

The result is that not only can you read the unabridged Macbeth, but you can also watch the nearly three-hour play, voiced by professional actors Stephen Dillane (King Arthur) as Macbeth and Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter) as Lady Macbeth.

When the play is running, the text is highlighted, so you can easily follow along or pause at anytime should you need to click on a word or phrase to get the modern English translation. You can also skip back or fast forward to various acts and scenes.

This handy app also has a biography section so you can read up on each character, along with a relationship map that shows the links between characters.

Also available for iPhones, iPod Touch devices as well as for Windows and Macs, Shakespeare In Bits: Macbeth is a powerful way to enjoy and appreciate one of The Bard's finest works."

USA Today

See the full USA Today Technology Live article by Marc Saltzman here.

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