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Leaving Cert Students Studying Macbeth in the 21st Century with Shakespeare In Bits

Dublin, Ireland – Leaving cert students today are digital natives yet a majority of their core texts are still print based. This is despite the fact that digital solutions offer teachers richer ways in which to engage more of their students, particularly when it comes to a topic like Shakespeare. Unfortunately, such solutions have been slow to gain traction in Ireland to date.

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One school is bucking this trend; with leaving cert students this year studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Pádraig O'Shea in Rossa College Skibereen, Co. Cork will be approaching The Bard in a very different way. Using MindConnex Learning’s Shakespeare In Bits Live! Ms Corry will be giving her students 24/7 access to Macbeth and will be able to assign her students reading safe in the knowledge that they will have all the tools available to them for both comprehension and close reading. According to Pádraig “Shakespeare In Bits has been a revelation. It has made Shakespeare far more accessible for my students”

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MindConnex Learning Launches Shakespeare In Bits Back to School Offer

August 22, 2012 - Dublin, Ireland - MindConnex Learning, creators of the popular Shakespeare In Bits, have launched a Shakespeare In Bits Back to School Offer, reducing prices for the back to school season.

Prices on all Shakespeare In Bits Live! plays, which include Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, A Midsummer’s Night Dream and Julius Caesar, have been slashed until the end of September 2012.

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MindConnex Learning signs four North American virtual schools to its online Shakespeare In Bits service

08 May 2012, Dublin, Ireland – MindConnex Learning, the award-winning provider of digital learning solutions for secondary schools, has today announced that it has signed up four large virtual schools across North America to its Shakespeare In Bits online subscription service.

Shakespeare In Bits Live! is a cloud-based service that can be accessed from any location through a browser and internet connection. With over 140 schools accessing the service, Shakespeare In Bits Live! is proving a popular choice with traditional and virtual schools due to its low-cost, subscription-based offering that can be used in class and accessed from any location by students wanting to complete homework or additional study.

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MindConnex brings in-app purchase, universal iOS support to Shakespeare In Bits

alt27 March 2012, Dublin, Ireland – MindConnex Learning has launched a new universal version of its popular Shakespeare In Bits series.  Available on the iTunes App Store, the free download makes it simpler to purchase and manage Shakespeare In Bits titles across all iOS platforms.

Shakespeare In Bits is a multimedia approach to tackling the works of the Bard aimed at middle and high school teachers and students, providing a more engaging and interactive experience with Shakespeare.

The new universal Shakespeare In Bits app features an in-app store through which all plays within the Shakespeare In Bits series can be downloaded, providing a single purchase platform for multiple devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This means that each play purchased can be downloaded and re-downloaded on any iOS device linked to the same iTunes account.

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