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Julius Caesar

Travel back in time to ancient Rome and join the intrigue as a group of disgruntled citizens plot a conspiracy against their illustrious dictator. Shakespeare In Bits: Julius Caesar puts you right at the bloody heart of this tale of loyalty, ambition, power, and betrayal that marked the end of the great republic. This engaging multimedia study guide will help you get to grips with Shakespeare's foremost political thriller.

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Macbeth Complete Unabriged TextComplete Unabriged Text

with in-line translation feature

Macbeth Animated ActionAnimated Action

over 2 hours of engaging visuals

Macbeth Full Audio FeatureFull Audio Feature

Sean Barrett, Paul Rhys

Macbeth Analyses & Study NotesAnalyses & Study Notes

themes, imagery, quotes


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  • Common Sense Media

    "This app is a great way to enjoy, appreciate, and comprehend one of William Shakespeare's greatest masterpieces."

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  • iPad Insight

    "..all of the various ‘bits’ that make up the app are executed extremely well and easy to spend time on."

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Shakespeare In Bits: Julius Caesar is the only study guide you need to understand, teach and appreciate one of Shakespeare's finest works. Suitable for teachers and students of all ages in the classroom — and beyond.

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