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Learn to read with The Word Monsters! A new multimedia approach that aims to
foster a life-long love of reading - The Word Monsters uses phonics, interactive
animation, activities and optional scaffolding in a quirky narrative environment available in the app store
to give children a rich and engaging introduction to the written word.

The Word Monsters Icon Building the foundations for a life-long love of reading

Features include audio reinforcement for decodable words, systematically introduced "sight" words, interactive screen elements, on-screen audio instruction, a complete narrative with appealing characters to keep children engaged—and all in conjunction with US Common Core Standard aligned information for parents and teachers. Everything children need to learn to read but with added fun!

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  • Apps Playground Review

    "There are an increasing number of impressive phonics and early-reading apps on iPad, with The Word Monsters: Learn to Read shaping up as one of the best we’ve seen."

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    "The Word Monsters: Learn to Read is an excellent decodable book series."

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