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The Word Monsters on Kindertown

It's been a great week for MindConnex Learning and our brand new series The Word Monsters!

Last Tuesday we launched in the App Store and the next day The Word Monsters was available on Google Play. Before the press release was even out we were already getting fantastic reviews and on Thursday we were featured in the US App Store and saw our ranking skyrocket.

All in all a good start. 

So exactly one week after the official release we are thrilled to have been taken on by KinderTown.

An educational app store for parents KinderTown is a fantastic tool that curates the education category of iTunes. 

Kinderown Logo"We work hard to find the best educational apps for children. Each app we select for KinderTown has been tested and reviewed by educators, parents, and most importantly, children. Not all, or even most of the apps meet our high standards. We take many factors into account including educational value, ease of use, engagement value, design features, artwork, cost, and shelf life."

We're pleased, though not surprised, that The Word Monsters meets KinderTown's standards and we're looking forward to developing similar relationships in the coming weeks. 

Week one was certainly action packed - can't wait to see what's in store for week two!


The Word Monsters want to teach kids to read on iPad

"There are an increasing number of impressive phonics and early-reading apps on iPad, with The Word Monsters: Learn to Read shaping up as one of the best we’ve seen."

The Word Monsters iPad image

"That’s what makes The Word Monsters an impressive app: the attention to detail ... and the responsible attitude of its developer."

See the full article in The Apps Playground


MindConnex Learning Launches The Word Monsters, an Interactive Reading App Series for Kindergarten and First Grade Students

Dublin, Ireland – MindConnex Learning, an award winning global provider of digital learning solutions, has launched the first six titles in their brand new product series of interactive phonics-based readers for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students.

The Word Monsters uses phonics, interactive animation, activities, and additional optional instruction in a quirky narrative environment to give children a rich and engaging introduction to reading. Each "book" is developed in accordance with modern literacy pedagogical standards while still remaining appealing to today’s children.

Aligned to Common Core State Standards – every screen in The Word Monsters features optional supplementary instruction around phonemic awareness, print concepts, reading comprehension, vocabulary and sight words. Every book also includes three activities that address each of the main strands of the Common Core Standards: Literature, Foundational Skills, and Language.

Key features include:

  • Engaging story and high quality visuals featuring 5 quirky monster characters, each with their own special ability
  • Synchronized voiceover and text highlighting
  • Ability to decode or ‘sound out’ individual words by touching them
  • Interactive screen elements with additional vocabulary
  • Character speech and accompanying speech bubbles for richer reading
  • Phonics, vocabulary and comprehension instruction (correlated to the US Common Core Standards) on every screen via an animatedReading Buddy”
  • Three fun activities at the end of every book which focus on phonics, high-frequency words, vocabulary, and reading comprehension, (correlated to the US Common Core State Standards)

“Most introductory reading programs focus purely on covering the requisite decodable words with little attention given to themes or characters that truly engage children at this age-level,” says MindConnex CEO, Michael Cordner. “At MindConnex, we believe that stimulating interest in young readers is vital to ensure they develop competency in reading. Our aim with The Word Monsters is to create a series of decodable readers that not only helps young children learn to read, but engages and delights them, while kindling a lifelong love of reading.”

The Word Monsters series is designed for use at home or in a school setting. The first six books of the Kindergarten series are now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play and the first book is free!

For more information, please contact:

Zoe Faulder, Director of Marketing, MindConnex Learning

T: +1-617-963-0126; E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; W:

About MindConnex Learning (

MindConnex Learning is a global provider of digital learning software solutions aimed at the school education sector. MindConnex Learning offers an easier way to learn and teach using rich, contemporary multimedia designed to engage the senses and create empowering, relevant and personalized learning experiences, available in easily downloadable software programs that can be used on virtually any platform – Tablet, PC, Smartphone or online.


Beware The Ides of March

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