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Teachers use Shakespeare In Bits: Macbeth to show the positive impact mobile devices can have on lessons

Teachers share tips for using smart phones as learning tools in class, at home

altFor years, schools have banned the use of cell phones in schools. But today, some schools are cautiously embracing smart phones as a student-friendly technology that can enhance lessons at little cost to schools.

“This is their life,” said Barbara Horner, an eighth grade language arts teacher at the Emma C. Attales School in Absecon, N.J.

She shared student projects at the 15th annual “From My Classroom to Yours” technology conference March 14, sponsored by the Southern Regional Institute & Educational Technology Training Center, or SRI & ETTC, at Richard Stockton College.

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Welcome to the new Shakespeare In Bits

Welcome to the new version of Shakespeare In Bits! Rather than downloading a separate app for each play, all plays can now be purchased and downloaded via our in-app store. Shakespeare In Bits is now a universal app, and any play purchased via our in-app store can be downloaded and viewed on both iPad and iPhone with a single purchase.

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MindConnex launches first case study with Maryland school

altWe are delighted to announce that we have launched our very first case study with Harford Day School, Maryland.

In 2011, Harford Day School rolled out iPads to all their middle school students as part of the school's emerging 1-to-1 technology program.

English teacher Anna Melville decided to embrace this digital transformation by finding a newer, more interesting way of teaching the 400 year old works of William Shakespeare with the help of Shakespeare In Bits - a multimedia approach to tackling the works of The Bard.

According to Anna, "I found that Shakespeare In Bits frees up so much class time for higher level discussion and fun activities. I don't have to review what they have read, what they understand - they come in with that done and a basis for understanding due to the notes and translations.

Download this case study to read all about Anna's experience teaching with Shakespeare In Bits apps and Shakespeare In Bits Live!, the popular, school-based online version.


iPads promote education

iPads promote education

February 29, 2012 • Kristina Busch  

Education seems to move in the direction of learning with technology. Most teachers now use Moodle to upload assignments and notes of the day’s lessons. Currently, according to the Classrooms of the Future instructor Jenn Nelson, teachers are starting to use the Explain Everything app that creates videos and podcasts. Podcasts of lessons could potentially aid students who were absent or students who did not understand the lesson and need a review.

In addition to Moodle and Explain Everything, many teachers are having lessons where students use iPads. The iPads have apps that help make the lesson easier and more entertaining.

To sophomore Emilyn Ryski, the best app is Shakespeare in Bits. For Mary Strampe’s enriched English classes, students used the Shakespeare in Bits app to explore Romeo and Juliet more closely. “What’s cool about it is as you’re reading, students can click on words, characters and summaries,” Strampe said. The scenes, characters and lines of the play are explained and students can enjoy Shakespeare’s work with deeper understanding.

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Shakespeare In Bits - Try it today

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Demos of all 5 plays are available. Click here to try them out today.